Repairing the SHIFT6mq

Trying to repair my Shiftphone 6mq after it stopped recieving a charge.

Read receipts and delivery status notifications

How to use mutt (or any other email client) to ask for read receipts and how to to use msmtp to ask for delivery status notifications.

Grow an ext4 filesystem past 16TiB

Tags: Linux LVM ext4
Resizing an ext4 filesystem past 16TiB with the help of the 64bit feature.

Presseeding a BeagleBone Black

Installing upstream Debian on a BeagleBone Black with the help of preseeding.


Simple stream processing in bash for checking availability of all machines on a subnet.

SSH Certificate Authorities

Tags: ssh sshd CA
Using SSH CA certificates we can easily get rid of having to accept fingerprints every time we connect to a new machine. Likewise we can manage one CA certificate instead of every user's individual public key.

One container per connection

Starting a new container and sshd for each incoming connection for complete separation, basically chroot on stereoids.

Upgrading storage

I recently ran out of space in my RAID5 array and wanted to upgrade my system. Utilizing the capabilities of mdadm, LUKS, LVM and ext4 it is possible to increate the storage volume and completly replace all drives in a RAID array without any significant downtime.

Encrypting bitlbee traffic with stunnel

Setting up stunnel to encrypt traffic between irssi and Bitlbee using client-side certificates.

Getting OpenElec working on an Intel NUC

Getting the Intel NUC D54250WYK working as a HTPC with OpenElec and XBMC.

Expanding a live ext4 filesystem on LVM

Tags: Linux LVM ext4
It is incredibly easy to enlarge a live partition using LVM and ext4.

Updating Loopia domains with DD-WRT

Switching from tomato to DD-WRT left me without a DDNS updater. I thus wrote a simple sh script to update the domain it if it is nescesary.

PR 1.2

Upgrading to Maemo PR 1.2 resulted in a curious error.

TI - Evalbot

Tags: Robot Evalbot
It finally arrived!

TVRage in bash

Got bored and wrote a bash-script to fetch Tvrage data.

Acer TimelineX 3820T

Various issues with the Acer TimelineX 3820T and possible solutions

Disk encryption

How to configure a LUKS encrypted device.

GSoC 2010 Midterm update

Tags: GSoC Maemo Qt
A status update before tomorrows midterm.

Debian Squeeze HDMI Sound problems

How to get sound working via HDMI in debian Squeeze.

GSoC 2010 Progress update

Tags: GSoC Maemo Qt
Just finished another example implementation of an action for Shepherd. A general status update regarding my GSoC progress.

Extending Shepherd - GSoC Proposal

Tags: GSoC Maemo Qt
My GSoC proposal for GSoC 2010 - Extending Shepherd, an advanced scheduler for maemo.

Scratchbox info

A writeup around scratchbox and how to get it up and running.

Hello World

Tags: GSoC
My exams are over and most of my school work is done (need to write some java ee until next week), which means I will finally be able to focus on GSoC.