Repairing the SHIFT6mq
Repairing a Shiftphone SHIFT6mq that stopped charging

Posted on 2024-03-15

One morning my phone stopped recieving a charge. I tried a number of different chargers, cables and cleaned the USB-C recepticle without luck.


One of the reasons I bought a Shiftphone was their approach to repairability and sustainability. In practice this means I can buy all spare parts directly from their webshop and can repair the entire phone with nothing but a screwdriver. The SHIFT6mq even has a user-replacable battery!

Ordering parts

When my phone stopped charging I went to their store and found the Sub-PCB. The product description gave repair instructions and suggested one re-plug the ribbon cable between the SUB-PCB and the main board. I tried it but it did not work for me.

Even though they mention the ribben cable is often at fault I ordered both. I like having spare parts close at hand and I did not want to wait longer than needed in case the SUB-PCB was broken.


When the parts arrived it also included a small pamphlet with a link to iFixit repair instructions. Though they detail how to replace the display most of the steps are the same.

I dissasembled my phone and tried to replace the SUB-PCB but it still did not charge.

I then replaced the ribbon cable as well and when I connected the USB-C charger it worked!

Charging again

To verify what was broken I reconnected the old SUB-PCB and tried again and the phone was still accepting a charge!

Turns out the ribbon cable was broken, exactly as the item description said.

Broken ribbon cable

Broken again

Sadly, not being very experienced repairing phones I managed to rip the antenna cable out of the connector, so my phone is still broken :(

Broken antenna cable

Thankfully the antenna cable is only 3€, lets hope it ships quickly.