GSoC 2010 Midterm update

Posted on 2010-07-11
Tags: GSoC Maemo Qt

Thought I would give a status update as it is midterm tomorrow.

Attila notified me the other day that the shepherd source code is up on gitorioius, you can find it here. I have made a clone of the repository with all my work, which can be found here.

As it is just now we get access to the shepherd source the plug-ins haven’t been adapted to work with the shepherd API, which is what I’m working on atm.

I have also run into a bit of trouble as my hard-drive seems to be failing. A while after boot/reboot I stop to be able to access files from the drive, giving me an I/O error at some sector (different depending on the file). Files/binaries which I have previously used and are cached in ram seem to work fine. I’m going to call Acer tomorrow but most likely I’m going to have to buy a new disk myself. As I’m currently in the middle of nowhere (parents summer-house) I’m rather limited in what I can do and as I’m only on a HSDPA connection it will take a couple of hours to download debian, updates, scratchbox, Qt SDK and so on.

Other interesting stuff I have run into since my last update:

  • QtDBus does per default not define an interface for the objects we try to register (I can at least not find out which interface it used). This was fixed by using:
 Q_CLASSINFO("D-Bus Interface", "name.of.interface"); 
  • It seems alarm_action_set_dbus_args only take an array as arguments
  • If you want to receive a string through DBus with QtDBus it apparently cannot be a std::string, it needs to be a QString