GSoC 2010 Progress update

Posted on 2010-06-09
Tags: GSoC Maemo Qt

I have just completed another example implementation of an action. This time it was the notification.

This means I have working examples for:

  • Trigger - WLAN SSID
  • Trigger - Calendar
  • Action - Change profile
  • Action - Secure device
  • Action - Display a notification
  • Action - Turn radio on/off and switch between 2G/3G

I have only implemented a way to pull information from the calendar, which is not optimal. I would like to have a Qt slot telling me when changes are made as I have done in the SSID trigger but I have not been able to do so yet.

I am also having some troubles with the dbus commands for turning the radio on/off and switching between 2G/3G, I have found the right dbus command but I can't translate what I found to c++ code. The DBus commands I intend to use is describe here.

My next task will be to tackle getting the geographical position from GPS or Cell towers, I looked into that when I wrote my submission for GSoC, so hopefully it will work out smoothly.