TVRage in bash

Posted on 2011-01-11

So, I read two nice pages about bash some weeks ago and wanted to see if you could build something proper.

I often check to see the latest and next episode of a show, but the search is horribly stupid and the page requires interaction before I can get the information I want.

So, yesterday I wrote a bash script that fetches some information from tvrage, I have published it on

It has three ways of finding information. First it uses a internal associative array to see if the search is present there, if it is (and searching is not specifically specified) it will get information about that show. If there isn’t an exact match in the preconfigured array it will search through it with a regex. If it cannot find anything then either (or hasn’t find the specified number of hits) it searches on tvrage.

I don’t know if anyone else has any use for this, but I like getting information from the CLI, so hopefully it will easy my everyday life :D

Have a good day!